Great Comic Heist part 2

10th Jul 2010, 4:05 PM in The Great Comic Heist

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First Blog
by cyclopsfan1
6th May 2010, 3:21 PM

Well after a couple weeks of searching I found a webcomic host that I finally settled on. Now I guess I should explain the comic. Mere Mortals is simply a comic about a group of comic loving friends living in a world superheroes. This comic contains references to real world comics and some fictional. All the superheroes in the world are original heroes of my own creation. I guess this blog will be about the comic. Not sure just yet. I want to somehow condense my other websites into this comic site and make it a one stop shop for my fans and new readers. Here are my other two sites-

Art blog-

Comic Book Review Site-

Next time I will probably tell a little about myself. 


Oh yeah updates every Sunday and Wednesday. You know the two big comic book days.